Nicole And Luke Combs Expecting Again: Share News About “Joint The 2 Under 2 Club”

Luke Combs

Country singer Luke Combs and Nicole, his wife, announced that they are expecting a second baby. The couple shared this news with a photoshoot which they shared on Instagram. The couple is parents to a son, Tex, who is just 9 months.

In a post on Monday night that they shared, Luke Combs and Nicole shared several pics with one depicting Tex donning a shirt with ‘big brother’ written on it. The couple captioned the post, ‘joining the 2 under 2 club.’ The second baby is expected in September.

The joint post had Luke Comb’s new song ‘Take You With Me’ in the background. The song is scheduled for release this week on March 24. Nicole Combs uploaded the post on Instagram and wrote ‘what a surprise.’ The couple got married a couple of years later after their 2018 engagement. The first child arrived on June 18 last year, which also happened to be Father’s Day.

Luke Combs And Nicole Are Raising Their Children Without A Nanny

Earlier this month Luke Combs had revealed that he and Nicole were raising their son Tex without the aid of a nanny. Luke praised Nicole for taking on most of the work when it comes to raising Tex. He gave an update on Tex and revealed that he was doing just great.

He shared that while he was forced to stay away either in the studio or on the road, Nicole handles it all on her own. While busy celebrities normally hire a nanny to lend a hand around the house when a baby is around. For Luke Combs and Nicole, it was a conscious decision to go it alone.

Luke Combs and Nicole met in 2016 at the Songwriters Festival in Florida. They were both residents of Nashville. They were engaged in November 2018 and tied the knot in August 2020 in an intimate ceremony at their beachside South Florida home.