Courtney Roker Is Expecting Her First Baby

Courtney Roker

Al Roker has a new position! The weatherman for the “Today” show will soon become a grandfather after his child Courtney Roker revealed she was expecting on Tuesday.

Al is the father of Courtney Roker as well as Leila, 24, and Nicholas, 20, who he also has with his wife Deborah. When Courtney shared the news of her impending pregnancy with, “We can not wait to begin this new chapter of our lives and welcome a new family member. We are overjoyed and grateful for our small miracle.”

Courtney Roker Is Expecting 

Courtney Roker did say that she is “feeling fantastic and baby is healthy,” while maintaining her due date a secret. In June 2021, Courtney and Wesley exchanged vows at The Ashford Mansion in Allentown, New Jersey.

As for Al, the longtime weatherman is delighted to be back to working on the Today show and in excellent health following a series of health challenges this past autumn and winter that left him hospitalized and prompted him to undergo several operations.

He was brought to the hospital back in November as a result of a blood clot that started in his leg and spread to his lungs. Even though he arrived home just in time for Thanksgiving, he had to be sent back to the hospital right away. In January, Al made a surprise appearance on the Today show with Deborah by his side and explained how serious his medical condition was.

Al continued by offering a few additional specifics, “Two things added complexity for me. I had internal injuries going on and clots that they believe developed following my diagnosis of COVID in September. My blood was gone in the half. They were looking for it and trying to locate it. Finally, they performed this procedure after going in. Two of my ulcers were bleeding. Doctors had to remove my gall bladder and resect my colon. I had that going for me—I came in for one procedure and received four free.”