Bitcoin Reaches 28K USD As The Uncertainity Around The Banks Are Still Alive


The Bitcoin prices surged to surpass the 28K USD mark as it has marked a staggering sixteen percent boost in their value in the last few days.

The Bitcoin prices are going back up in 19th March market as it reached and crossed the 28K USD value in the last week as per the available data.

While writing this the cryptocurrency has been trading at 28K USD with a huge 2.6% increase in the last twenty-four hours. The price of the crypto went up to almost 28.5K USD during the day. This week the crypto coin has gained a huge 38% in the markets. The market cap of BTC has added 19bn USDs in 2023. This represented a sixty-six percent gain.

The recent bullish run of bitcoin has outperformed the Wall Street Banks Stocks, especially with the global crisis in the banking sector goes upwards.

Bitcoin Prices Increases Inspite Of The Uncertainity Of The Banks

US bank valuations has gone down in the recent times because of the shutdown of banks like Silvergate and the takeover of other banks like the Silicon Valley Bank and The Signature Bank.

In Europe Credit Suisse that the IBS group got for a expenditure of two billion dollars a few days earlier. As a part of the new agreement, the Swiss Bank committed to provide a hundred billion USDs for liquidity in USB.

The deal represented a considerable discount given under the Credit Suisse market value on 17th March of almost eight billion dollars as per the market caps of the company. The impending crisis can take the crypto coin to a million USDs in the next three months. As per a twitter forecast given the former chief of Conbase, hyperinflation could take BTC prices to a new height.