Demi Moore Shared Video Of Her Family Singing To Bruce Willis For His Birthday

Demi Moore
Demi Moore

Demi Moore recently shared a video of his family singing birthday song to Bruce Willis and the caption read that they are glad to celebrate this day with Bruce Willis today.

Bruce WillisDemi Moore

got his family around him on his birthday. Bruce was seen laughing, dancing and blowing candles in the video posted by Demi Moore. To honor the actor on his 68th birthday, his former wife posted a home video to instagram that featured the whole family singing happy birthday to Bruce Willis.

Bruce Willis looked delighted listening to his family singing him the song. He was seen fist-pumping the air while his family was cheering for the actor. Demi Moore’s ex-husband then blew the candles and they did enthusiastic hoots and applauses.

Demi Moore Captioned Her Video wising Happy Birthday to her ex-husband. She also wrote that she loves him and the family. He thanked others for their wishes too and said that they could feel them.

Demi Moore Posted Family Celebrating Bruce Willis’ Birthday:

This video of celebration in Sunday is the first ever posted by the family after the frontemporal dementia diagnosis of the actor.

When the family broke the news of the bad health of the actor, they said that the actor always found joy in his life and always tried to help everyone to do that. It meant the world to him to see that care was coming back to him and to his family. They said that the family was moved by all the love and respect showered by the fans and followers to the actor.

They concluded saying that the compassion, respect and understanding of the situation helped them to help the actor live a life as full as possible.