Bitcoin To Target USD 20000 in October

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Bitcoin breakout is awaited by traders who say it’s a long time coming. At the same time, they are keeping their optimism in check considering the Macro environment prevailing, they are keeping their optimism in check. Wall Street Market, 3rd October, saw Bitcoin open to a new high. 

Bitcoin Trading: Still Rangebound

The early market report suggests BTC/ $ is trying to breach USD 19.5 K beginning the month flat.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency positively reacted to poor manufacturing data expected in the U.S., even while the European Market is facing challenging times over Credit Suisse.

The month of October began with BTC trading within a narrow range as it was doing in the preceding months. Reports indicate to BTC receiving a support flip considering MA ( Moving Average) of USD19.4K. Reports further suggest that the BTC bulls will be able to breach USD 20K if traders hold on and do not panic sell. W. Clement of DA research says monitoring Bitcoin market derivatives is very important as of now.

Binance order B data shows Bitcoin/$ trading within a narrow range, with sellers at USD 19.5 K and interest bidding close to USD 19.15K.

Considering the Macro environment in the United States, the PMI (Purchasing Managers Index ) data shows performance which is below expectation, pressurizing the yield of the bonds.

Describing the present range of trading of BTC, Poppe says it’s very boring and hoped Bitcoin currency would emulate Silver’s performance, Ol and Silver particularly, the latter, has done good and has gained 1.8 Percent on S and P 500 and has gained 1.3 Percent on N C Index.

Apprehensive of data, on unemployment, Job Opportunities, and PMI, is expected in the weeks to come and Poppe is unsure as to which way the market will react.  Let us wait and see.