Clayton Echard Reveals That He Is Heartbroken Due To His Split With Susie Evans

Clayton Echard

Clayton Echard, a former contestant on “The Bachelor,” has ended his relationship with Susie Evans, the winner of Season 26.

On Friday, Evans and Echard, both of whom are 29 years old, posted a public declaration on Insta announcing their decision to end their relationship. Evans and Echard did not provide any specifics about what led to the separation, but they did mention that social media is only a “highlight reel” and that they had been through “a substantial amount of grief” in the previous year. Neither of them disclosed the reasons for the split. Clayton Echard and Susie Evans, who were engaged to be married during their time on The Bachelor, have now discussed the issues that led to the end of their relationship. They announced their separation on Instagram one month ago.

Clayton Echard And Susie Evans Started Dating After The Show Ended

On Tuesday, October 4, the pair discussed their separation in depth on the most recent edition of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine Podcast. They said that the primary reason for the breakup was the criticism that they received after appearing on The Bachelor. On “The Bachelor,” Clayton Echard received criticism for his decision to fall in love with all three of the women competing for his heart: Susie Evans, Gabby Windey, and Rachel Recchia. Susie’s heart was shattered when he said that he loved all three of them, and she quit the show as a result. After being persuaded by Clayton, the other two females chose to continue participating in the performance.

But once Susie departed, Clayton, realized he still cared for her and went on to win her back after The Bachelor concluded. The two got back together and later revealed that they had started dating. The former pair even relocated to Virginia together and often shared photographs of themselves making out or otherwise showing their affection on Instagram for their followers to see. However, after dating for a few months, Clayton Echard broke the news to Susie that he would be moving to Arizona and she would be moving to Los Angeles so that both of them could concentrate on their separate jobs and find out how to keep their relationship going across long distances.

On the other hand, the couple posted on Instagram the previous month to declare that they were no longer together in September of 2022. Now, talking out about their breakup, Clayton has claimed that when they parted ways, he had feelings of being wounded and abandoned.