Blake Lively shares her solution for pregnancy

Blake Lively
Blake Lively

On Wednesday, pregnant actress Blake Lively posted a humorous fix for a maternity wardrobe mishap on Instagram.

Blake Lively published a photo of herself wearing a pair of high-waisted jeans with a noticeable gap at the waistband that exposed a strip of skin. She captioned the image, “When non-maternity clothes are too big but maternity clothes are too small.” Lively thought of a clever way to fix the issue: safety pins. She can be seen in the picture pinning her jeans’ waistband shut with a row of safety pins, enabling her to keep wearing her regular clothes as her pregnancy progresses.

Lively’s followers thought the post was hilarious, and many praised her for coming up with a workable solution to a typical maternity fashion issue. “adore this very relatable “a user posted. Another said, “I was always using hair ties and safety pins to hold my pants up.”

Blake Lively Is A Maternity Expert

Blake Lively has previously used safety pins to resolve a maternity clothing conundrum. She published a picture of herself wearing a dress with a large safety pin holding the neckline closed on Instagram in the past. She captioned the image, “When your bump is too big for your clothes but you’re too pregnant to shop for new clothes.”

The former Gossip Girl star made her fourth pregnancy announcement public in September when she showed off her baby bump at the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit. Reynolds, 46, is the actress’ husband. Her husband Reynolds stated that their daughters are “ready” for a new sibling in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in November. In November, he said, “I’m very excited.” As the due date approaches, expectant mothers have taken notice of Lively’s humorous perspective on pregnancy fashion and praised her for offering relatable solutions to common maternity wardrobe problems.