‘Life Is Blessed’ Is The Theme Of Portia Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres’s 15th Marriage Anniversary Celebration

Ellen DeGeneres

It makes Ellen DeGeneres feel “blessed.” In memory of the couple’s 15th marriage anniversary, the ex-host of the famous talk show, 65, sent a heartfelt commendation to her beloved, Portia Rossi, via Instagram, on Wednesday. Wishing her partner a happy anniversary, Ellen DeGeneres expressed how grateful she was and that she adored her wife a bit more every day, and that she was a blessing in her life.

Ellen DeGeneres also provided a sneak peek at the elegant manner in which the duo is commemorating the significant occasion. She published a picture of herself and 50-year-old Rossi, standing on a yacht’s deck with a gorgeous ocean scene in the background. 

Ellen DeGeneres Surprise Celebration With The Kardashians 

According to a picture Kris Jenner posted on Tuesday, it looks like the same boat the couple was spotted on. The 67-year-old star of The Kardashians disclosed via a hashtag that the gang was touring Majorca. “Best friends and exciting adventures were meant for life!” Along with Corey Gamble, her boyfriend, Jenner posted on Instagram and tagged Ellen DeGeneres, De Rossi, and others. The greatest. DeGeneres said in a comment on the article, to let her know regarding the similar kaftans. She was referring to the animal-printed ensemble Jenner was rocking in one of the pictures she posted. Jenner presided over the ceremony when Portia surprised her comic partner with a ceremony of renewing their vows at the beginning of this year. On 31st January, a small gathering of De Rossi’s family members and friends took place that they mistook for a birthday celebration. Instead, the Zac Posen marriage gown from the duo’s August 2008 nuptials was worn again by the Arrested Development actress when she entered.

After Jenner delivered a brief introduction in which she referred to the ladies as “two peas in a pod,” De Rossi jokingly exclaimed, “Surprise!” before speaking deeply to her wife.