With Fall Just Around, Hailey Bieber Launches Her Darker “Cinnamon Cookie Butter” For Hair

Hailey Bieber
Hailey Bieber

Her life is being spiced up by Hailey Bieber! She has chosen to embrace the darker shade for her hair with fall right around the corner. On Wednesday, the model posted a photo on her hairdresser Matt Rez’s Instagram account showcasing her most recent color of hair, a deeper shade for the upcoming winter months. Rez told his fans about Bieber’s new hair color: “We titled it ‘cinnamon cookie butter’ fresh color for the gorgeous @haileybieber.” The creator of the color also shared several shots on her social media account displaying the warmer tones, simply labeling the series of pictures with “.”

Hailey Bieber And Her Cool Hair Experiments Are A Treat

In the pictures, Bieber chose a traditional look that included loose blue trousers, a basic cropped white top that emphasized her abs, and massive gold earrings. Her chestnut bob, which she waved in front of the camera, was able to remain fully in focus thanks to her appearance. Her cherry lip gloss added a dash of color to finish the look. The “cinnamon cookie butter” shade is a more daring change for Hailey Bieber, who typically sports a haircut with hair that ranges in color from light golden to a subdued dirty brown. This isn’t the first time, though, that Hailey Bieber has chosen a more vibrant appearance. In 2018, she debuted a magenta hairstyle while spending New Year’s Day with pals on the beaches of Miami.

Hailey Bieber unveiled her new dark brown, blunt haircut in January. She then followed up on that daring haircut three months later with another style that even shorter her bob. Bieber spoke to the media about the finest advice on beauty she’s ever received before announcing the launch of her first skincare brand, Rhode, around June 2022. Her love for hydrated and dewy skin came from her mother, says Hailey Beiber. She has been very meticulous about protection from the rays of the sun for the past 20 years and has always been big on moisturizing and sunscreen.