Brittany Aldean’s Goddess Move

Brittany Aldean

Brittany Aldean, wife of Jason Aldean, country singer. The mother of two and a fashion icon is also a fashion influencer. She is making a bold move and many are praising her for that. As a mother, she stood up and made the move that many couldn’t do, or had the courage to do so.

Brittany Aldean Giving Up On Balenciaga

Brittany Aldean has two kids, and she is like many other women who love brands and shopping. However, with recent Balenciaga campaign for their spring collection raised a lot of eyebrows causing them to face lawsuits. The famous brands have used children to launch their spring collection, which is not abnormal, however, the way they projected the children is unacceptable worldwide. And many are right that the brand is promoting child pornography in some ways.

Brittany Aldean posted her photo on Instagram taking all those Balenciaga clothes out and captioned them ‘trash day’, she threw out all her Balenciaga, and dumped them in the trash bin. This shows she is disgusted with the recent photoshoot of the brand. Not only Jason Aldean her husband supported her in the comment section along with many other famous faces. Just after releasing the advertisement, it started receiving hatred from all over the world. Thus the brand apologized and currently facing consequences.

This isn’t the first time Brittany Alden has done something controversial and the way she owns everything she does good or bad, receives a standing ovation always. Back in her teenage days, she went through a tomboy phase and her parents were in a dire situation to change her identity, now she thanks her parents for doing that, cause loves this ‘girly’ time. This caused a huge controversy on Instagram, many known faces have bullied her openly, and many called her out. However, her recent action against Balenciaga deserves a bow.