Kim Kardashian Denounces Balenciaga

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian who often collaborates with Balenciaga is now denouncing, the brand on account of their controversial holiday and campaign. The ad consists of children with a bonded teddy bear on their holiday. Kim Kardashian did not remain silent on Sunday after a number of accusations on the brand for sexualizing children.

Kim Kardashian Disgusted And Outraged

She takes the matter to Twitter and justifies her silence on this matter until now. Kardashian’s star, 42, says that she had been shut on this matter for some time because it was difficult for her to digest the blunder by Balenciaga. She also states that she is horrified to have come across something like this. Also mothering four children has only made her speak up that normalizing any child abuse should not be granted a place in society. 

Kardashian concludes by appreciating the removal of Balenciaga’s holiday ad and apology. Kardashian shares her statement in her Instagram story. On receiving the apology and being convinced by Balenciaga’s understanding, Kardashian said that she would reevaluate her relationship with Balenciaga. Balenciaga’s gave their sincere apologies for the controversy and claims to have no intention of presenting child abuse in any form. As said by Insider, Balenciaga wiped off its activity after posting its apology for the controversy it created on Tuesday. An apology on Instagram was posted by the photographer Gabriele Galimberti. 

However, a lawsuit of $25 million has been filed by Balenciaga against North Six, the production company, and also Nicholas Des Jardins who is the set designer. They have been alleged of including legal documents on child porn laws, as said by the New York Post.