Brittany Mahomes Shows Shoes For Her Eldest Picked Out By Her Younger Sibling

Brittany Mahomes
Brittany Mahomes

Sterling Skye Mahomes wants to dress up her younger brother forever! the user’s Instagram Story shows the 23-month-old sister of Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III who just turned 2 months herself seemed to be very fond of the lovely pair of loafers in brown his mother Brittany Mahomes’ uploaded on Saturday. Brittany, 27, captioned the image with the phrase “Sterling wanted him to go wear the shoes every single day” and two smiling emojis.

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The mother of the two color-coordinated the baby boy’s outfits by clothing him with a sweet brown onesie that had “Bronze” stitched across its front, keeping in mind that the loafers are the main focus of the ensemble. On her Instagram story, she also displayed two sets of miniature sportswear for her child that were both monogrammed with the name “Mahomes” in quite a unique font.

Sterling has excelled in her big sister responsibilities ever since Brittany Mahomes had been busy with her husband, the Chiefs of Kansas City quarterback star Patrick Mahomes, who welcomed their recent second kid. Brittany has expressed happiness to witness this.

As she captioned a carousel of images of her daughter posing alongside her and Patrick for a family maternity photoshoot, Brittany Mahomes recently said, how she’s just a little bit emotional today just at the thought of how grateful she is and how proud of this little angel.”As a big sister, she’s had been fantastic. She has been the sweetest little helper ever and loves her brother dearly!”

Bronze was born to Brittany Mahomes alongside Patrick, both 27, on November 28 after they told PEOPLE they were presuming a son in June of 2022. On February 20, 2021, Sterling made her first debut. Patrick told newsletters of PEOPLE that becoming a dad has “been fantastic” and that he’s just “fortunate to have such a great, really healthy and good firstborn” five months after the couple welcomed their first child into the world.

While Patrick acknowledges that the responsibilities of being an amateur NFL player surely helped him mature, he claims that becoming a father has further advanced his development. Nothing compares to having a child, he added. “Having someone you go to every day knowing you’re trying your best to look after them.”