There Is No One ElseShe Would Drive Insane, Brooke Shields Says As She Marks 22 Years Of Marriage To Chris Henchy

Brooke SHields

Chris Henchy is the object of Brooke Shields’ affection. The 57-year-old actress and producer as well as screenwriter, 59, celebrated their twenty-second marriage anniversary on Friday by posting a series of pictures from their many trips throughout the years on Instagram.

Shields captioned the photo, “Today marks 22 years of marriage… Sometimes it seems like only a few days have passed since it started. There is nobody else I would rather love or love to be loved by, be caught, catch, or drive nuts. “I intend to stick with it. You’re going to stay,” she said.

Brooke Shields Speaks About How Her Relationship Began With Husband Chris

The couple has two daughters: Grier, 17, and Rowan, 20. Shields acknowledged Henchy’s birthday in March by wishing him a happy birthday back then on Instagram. Chris, you are extremely cherished by us. Booke Shields spoke to the media in March around the beginning of her affair with Chris when she dumped him because she was concerned about it being a rebound since she did not have a lot of partners. Brooke Shields’ life and career are chronicled in the recent documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields. Andre Agassi was her former husband.

Brooke Shields said that after learning she still was speaking to Henchy every day, she finally started dating him once more. She recalled that even after the break up she would call him up every day and her (now) husband reminded her that they had broken up and should not be talking every day but she felt like she had to speak to him. Brooke Shields recalls wondering at the moment that she wanted him in her life and was willing to do whatever it took for that to happen.