Marking One Year Since His Death, Ray Liotta’s Would-Be Wife Says: “No Time Will Change a Loss So Great”

Ray Liotta

One year after the actor’s unexpected passing,  Jacy Nittolo fiancée of the late Ray Liotta is open about how she is still in sorrow. On May 26, 2022, the Goodfellas actor in the Dominican Republic passed away in his sleep at the age of 67. Nittolo, 48, uploaded images of her time with Ray Liotta on Instagram on Friday. She also talked about her situation in the year following his passing.

Remembering the day she received the news, Jacy Nittolo says that it had turned her world upside down and changed suddenly. She was in utter shock and traveling home to the Dominican Republic, where the actor had passed away. On the flight, she recalls meeting an amazing stranger who simply held her hand while she processed her grief.

Ray Liotta’s Partner On Living With The Sorrow That His Death Left On Her Life

The year, says Jacy Nittolo, has been very difficult and exhausting while she processed the grief. according to Nittolo. She has been healing and learning to laugh at the past.

She said that it got better with time. This loss of Ray Liotta was so enormous that it could not be changed over time. However, Jacy Nittolo believes that what a person can do is learn to deal with the pain and carry on without letting this grief affect their every day and that was simply what she has been trying to do, to believe that things will get better. She said that her four children from a former marriage—Chazz, Joey, Jade, and Dax—as well as Liotta’s daughter Karsen, keep her going every day. The grandmother who raised her also passed away on that day twenty years prior, according to Nittolo, her grandmother had been the love of her life as well as one of her favorite human beings.