Caleb Coffee Survives 60-80 Ft Fall In Hawaii: TikTok Star Fell On Lava Rocks

Caleb Coffee

TikTok star Caleb, also known as Caleb Coffee, had a miraculous escape despite falling 60 to 80 feet while on a trip to Hawaii. 18-year-old Caleb Coffee was with friends when he fell off the lava cliff at around 2 pm local time. The news was revealed by Peyton Coffee, his sister, on the GoFundMe page. 

Attending doctors had initially feared that the injury was much more serious in nature given the extent of the fall. They believed that Caleb Coffee had suffered serious multiple injuries including a broken femur, broken neck, spinal fracture, and serious burn injuries. 

Caleb Coffee spoke from his bed revealing multiple facial injuries. He said that he was thankful that he didn’t suffer serious spine or neck injuries. He said he was thankful to God that he was alive. He revealed that this was not his first serious accident. 

Caleb Coffee Needs Support To Pay His Medical Bills

Caleb Coffee spoke on his TikTok account, recounting that he had suffered serious injuries earlier. He spoke of his latest accident and said that he could not fathom how he survived after the long fall down the cliff. He doesn’t remember what happened. Later he regained consciousness and feared that it was the end. He again thanked God for his survival. 

The GoFundMe page to fund his recovery has been set with a target of $100,000 to finance his medical bills. The teenager doesn’t have health insurance. His family is not in a position to pay for his medical bill. 

By Friday morning around 500 people had contributed raising over $15,000. He will need ten screws and two plates in his right elbow if he is to maintain full motion in his toes and fingers. Caleb Coffee and his two siblings turned into an immensely popular sensation by posting comedy sketches through their father’s account.