Cardi B All Dolled Up With Chanel For Her Community Service

cardi b

The popular “WAP” rapper Cardi B is slaying looks in her 15 days ordered community service as a disciplinary measure she got out of her appeal in September followed by her 2018 fight in a strip club.

A Women Never Goes Out Of Style And Cardi B Proves It All Over Again With Her Community Service Looks

Twitter has been blowing up by the 30-year-old American rapper as she started giving out updates along with cute snaps offering her fans a peek into her unsurprisingly upscaled wardrobe for reporting duty following several days all in a row.

The sassy rapper was found tweeting “day whatever the f***” to her community service as she told her fans to keep obeying the laws. The tweet was attached along with a mirror selfie showcasing her look of the day: a skin-tight black tank, matched up with cutout leggings of her own collaboration Reebok x Cardi B, a pair of painted white Maison Margiela Boots that’s worth up to $1,190 and to finish it all off a matching Chanel Beanie that’s at least four figures worth of fortune.

The Grammy-winning artist also shared another classic luxe look over Wednesday, which came with a blush-pigmented bomber jacket paired with leggings and another similar tabi boots but this time with bombing pink! Of course, Cardi B wouldn’t forget about Chanel as she matches the outfit with a supersized flap bag from Chanel, a smaller model of this should come about somewhere near $5,595. She seemed to be in a peachy mood as she tweeted that she was on her way to serve up some community service and urged her fans to stay out of trouble.

Cardi B was also found flaunting her ultra-long chrome nails all newly manicured to perfection in one of her snaps. Although these outrageous choices of fashion didn’t prove any sort of hindrance to her duties ordered by the court.