Cardi B Spends Christmas With Her Kids

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Cardi B is the gift that keeps on giving! In a series of videos posted to her Instagram Story, the rapper showed off some sweet moments between her husband, Offset, and their kids Kulture and Kyro. Cardi and Offset were joined by friends and family for an intimate Christmas celebration. The couple’s daughter Kulture was especially excited about one present in particular: a dollhouse! “Kulture was so excited about this, she kept saying ‘this is mine!'” Cardi B wrote on Instagram Stories alongside one video of the little girl playing with her new toy.

Before we knew it, the holidays were here and Cardi B had shared videos of her daughters and Offset opening presents.

Cardi B Happily Looks On As Her Kids Unwrap Presents

In one video, Kulture is screaming with excitement after realizing she has received a dollhouse. In another, Miss Cardi B herself receives an enormous gift basket from New York City’s CVS Pharmacy—the contents of which look very much like they could be considered drug paraphernalia.

It seems like Cardi’s daughter was just as excited about the new dollhouse. In a video on Instagram, the rapper can be seen showing her little girl how to assemble it, and Kulture can’t contain her excitement.

Cardi B shared some sweet videos of Offset and their kids opening presents on Christmas Day.

Offset and Cardi B’s daughter Kulture was excited to open her new dollhouse, while their son Kody got a bicycle that he was thrilled about. Cardi also shared a video of her husband singing to their baby girl in the car, which made it clear how much he loves spending time with his little ones. Take a look at all the cute videos below!

Cardi B has been sharing some sweet videos of her family opening presents on Christmas Day. Cardi is currently expecting her first child with Offset, who is the father of her daughter Kulture.