Cardi B’s Music Is Upbeat And So Is The Way She Embraces Motherhood

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The rapper’s daughter Kulture is only four years old. And has a more colorful lunch than any adult. Cardi B has always been goofy and yet a kind person. Industry prefers her over many other celebrities. She has never been engaged in verbal feuds.

Her sarcasm has everyone’s heart. She always chooses her family over her career. A few years back a YouTube video of her. Their camera crews were taking her interview and she was holding Kulture in her arms. In the midst of it all, she asked if they wanted coffee and she made them coffee.

Fans Were Impressed By Cardi B’s Creativity

Before anything, Cardi B is a mom. And she fulfills her mom’s duty at her very best. She packed lunch for her four years old daughter Kulture. A full four-course meal. All the food was from major food groups. An everyday portion a child needs.

There were chicken nuggets, mac, and cheese, boiled corn, and chopped fruits which made it more colorful. And colorful things are tempting to kids.

There was also yogurt, flavored milk, and chips. And of course M&M.

The whole party is in Kulture’s lunch box.

Cardi B showed off her skill by posting a photo of the lunch box on Twitter. She captioned it Kulture school lunch is everything.

Some of the fans were so happy to see that. They were reminded how their parents never did so much creativity with their lunch boxes.

This realization made them ask Cardi B to adopt them.

Some even replied to her tweet asking if a lunch box looks like this. Then what would have been her breakfast and supper?

Cardi B didn’t let the fan wonder. She immediately responded to her posting another picture of Kulture’s meal. It was a picture of pancakes with chopped fruits. Which she little enjoying.