Joely, Carrie Fisher’s Sibling, Asserts Family Excluded From Hollywood Event By Niece For “Misguided Reason”

Carrie Fisher

According to Joely Fisher, her niece had decided not to include them in such a significant moment of their sister, Carrie Fisher’s career, for a reason which to her, seemed quite bizarre. The sisters of Carrie Fisher are opening up about their exclusion from the ceremony for her induction into the Walk of Fame. The posthumous award will be presented to the legendary actress from Star Wars, who passed away in 2016  December at 60, in LA. Her child Billie Lourd would be accepting it.

Carrie Fisher’s SIblings Publicly Drag Billie Lourd For Not Inviting Them 

Carrie Fisher’s sibling Joely posted pictures with her sister Carrie Fisher and another of their sibling Tricia Fisher on Instagram on Wednesday. She also claimed that Lourd, 30, had left out her family, including Todd from the celebration for some misguided, odd reason. 

After asking for a comment, we received no immediate response from a Lourd representative. According to Joely, who claimed that they would not be attending their sister, Carrie Fisher’s commemoration event since their niece had decided not to welcome them on the happy occasion for some odd reason.

She further stated that Carrie would have undoubtedly wanted her brothers and sisters to be there for this special occasion. Adding that it was upsetting that her two sisters and one brother were purposely left out. She further stated that all of them have been mourning the death of their favorite person for a while now and that they have given Lourd the freedom to express her grief in her way. 

“This is not about a picture on Hollywood Boulevard,” adding that it was about honoring her career in the profession and giving their sister the tribute that she deserved.