Charity Lawson Realized Who She Is And Changed The Game

charity lawson

Things felt difficult after Zach Shallcross didn’t choose Charity Lawson. However, he did show her that there are plenty of good guys in the world. She did step back for a while before joining the new season of The Bachelorette. And she is here today; make this season all about her.

She has found the motivation to find love now. And she has reached an understanding of herself. She is aware of her needs and wants. She wouldn’t just jump into any relationship. Her co-stars have motivated her enough to bounce back into the game again.

Suitors Are Chasing Charity Lawson

Some qualified and eligible eye candies have appeared on the show to steal the heart of Charity Lawson. A biochemical scientist, Xavier, told Charity that he could not find a cure for his lonely heart. There is also a Harvard graduate present at the mansion to woe Charity.

A 29 years old resident physician Caleb A. has brought a stethoscope and let Charity listen to his heart. He said that it was only beating for her.

Another suitor John Henry made a quite dramatic entry. He came to the water’s surface to tell Charity Lawson that he would only dive deeper with her.

Indeed her time has come. The deafening cheer for Charity Lawson. Everyone wants to please her. It’s time for those men to show if they are who they are.

She has received training from one of her suitors on kicking men in the private part before anyone could harm her. Further, someone gave me a charm bracelet. People were showing stunts and other tricks to please her. Charity Lawson is trying to get to know those men first. She has made a mistake before, and she wouldn’t do that this time.