Josh Gad Revving Up For A Reboot

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Josh Gad didn’t wait long enough to let the fans know Honey I Shrunk The Kids is gearing up for a reboot. Twenty-five years later, one of the most-watched movies is returning. Josh Gad finally opened up about how the whole team started preparing for the movie in 2020. Then covid hit the world. Thus, shooting, casting, and production were stopped. They were only a few inches away from the start. After too many bumps on the road, the production got a clear path to start over. He is announcing and also asking the fans to let Disney know.

Josh Gad Overcame Too Many Bumps

Therefore, he and the team deserves this chance to make things happen. The third time is a charm. Hence Josh Gad’s luck proved it right. The first time the production had to stop due to the pandemic and worldwide lockdown. Later they chalked out everything but again didn’t work out due Josh Gad couldn’t fight his schedule. And according to him, it was exploded. Lastly, when they made an itinerary, they ran out of money. It was borderline bankruptcy.

He did share an unofficial poster. He is rather now blaming Disney for not thinking it through. The representative of the franchise didn’t comment on it.

Many fans asked for Rick Moranis, and Josh Gad mentioned not to worry about that. He has already taken care of that.

In 2019, Disney did mention casting Josh Gad for the reboot.

He will be Wayne’s grown-up son Nick Szalinski.

The reboot is special for many reasons; Rick Moranis will be working in front of the cameras after 25 years. He stopped working following his wife’s tragic death in 1991. His sole purpose was to become a father to his child and manage it gracefully. Later he revealed he just wanted to shift his focus and take a break which later became a long one without knowing.