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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Charlie D’Amelio Unravels Her Gift

Charli Damelio has some very generous gifts planned for her family this holiday season. The TikTok star, 17, stopped by “Today” on Wednesday and while discussing what she’s giving her loved ones this year, she revealed that her sister and fellow TikTok star Dixie Damelio will be receiving a trip to Greece. Charli added that Dixie’s boyfriend Noah Beck will also be joining them. Meanwhile, the internet sensation is treating her mom Heidi to a trip to Turks and Caicos. As for what she got for her famous boyfriend Landon Barker? A giant stuffed animal of him, of course!

Charli Damelio has some very generous gifts planned for her family this holiday season. The actress and social media star, who will be celebrating the holidays with her sister Dixie, mother Heidi, and boyfriend Landon Barker, is planning to take her family on extravagant trips around the world.

Charlie D’Amelio Speaks About Her Gift

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“I love to travel with my family all year long but I really like to make an effort during the holiday season,” she told Page Six Style. “My parents came over from Greece when I was younger so it’s always been important for us to spend time together.”

She also revealed that she plans on taking Dixie on a trip abroad as well: “I always take my sister [Dixie] away with me if we can get away from work.” Charli’s mother Heidi is pretty much guaranteed a great gift too: “My mom doesn’t want anything but just wants me there with her. She wants me by her side and I appreciate that because it means so much more than any materialistic thing could ever mean.”

And since boyfriend Landon Barker isn’t able to travel during the holidays (he plays professional basketball), Charli has spoiled him by buying him his own trip: “I bought Landon a surprise trip somewhere amazing…He deserves it after all he does for me every day,” she said of what she got him this year!

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