Chase Sui Wonders Has An Open Relationship With Her New Boyfriend

chase sui wonders

Pete Davidson is known to be someone who is famous for having high-profile affairs. Now he is dating Chase Sui Wonders. His newfound love interest. She is very excited and seems happy. She further mentioned how open they are. They share everything. They discuss everything. He is not only her boyfriend but her co-actor as well. She loves working with him as per her statement. She is all set to work with him in his semi-autobiographical series.

Chase Sui Wonders Found A New Holy Place

Her boyfriend has become her new sacred place. Pete Davidson has quite the reputation of being a Casanova. All of his relationships have been high profile. Somehow talented A-listed celebrities failed to ignore his charm. He revealed last month how he has been mocked for his relationship with his own colleagues. It harmed his mental health in numerous ways.

He broke up with Kim Kardashian last year. After her ex-husband, Kanye West harassed them, until they broke up with each other. Chase Sui Wonders started dating Pete Davidson beginning this year.

She is also the part of peacocks present Bupkins. Chase Sui Wonders said they were even compatible in the workspace. According to her, he is a pro. Last month at the Bupkins premiere Chase Sui Wonders were present with Pete Davidson and his mother. They are not very different in their personal life.

They work and live together. There is no particular reason for them to be different in fields. Even though he is always around, even in the workplace and in the house. Chase Sui Wonders’s life hasn’t changed a bit. Which she really enjoys.