Top Gun Actor Tom Cruise New Found Love Interest

tom cruise

Not only Henry Cavill who broke his neck just to take a glance at Shakira at an award function. Fans started shipping them almost immediately. Tom Cruise is recently seen with Hips Don’t Lie singer Shakira. Last year Shakira broke up with her long-time boyfriend Gerard Piquè. He was having an affair with his now girlfriend. While he was with Shakira. Now everyone is rooting for Shakira and Cruise. However, he hasn’t said anything. But a close source citing something else.

Tom Cruise Is A Big Green Flag 

The heartthrob has been single for a long time. It’s definitely high time to pursue someone. Tom Cruise was recently seen hanging out with another heartthrob Shakira. Shakira deserves to be treated right. The breakup with Piquè was indeed difficult to process.

The kids were heavily affected by all these. Cruise is interested in her. An insider says they have chemistry. Moreover, Shakira does need a soft pillow to fall upon. Tom Cruise is the right guy for her. Tom Cruise is perhaps a walking green flag at the moment for her.

Not only the fans but people close to him are rooting for them. Tom Cruise has all the qualities a woman looks for in a guy. He is talented and good-looking. Moreover, he is not that tall. He is in Shakira’s reach perhaps. They were seen together at the F1 grand prix in Miami. Where Brad Pitt and other directors were also present. Later both Cruise and Shakira were seen together in a private lounge. Tom parted ways with his ex-girlfriend last June.