Chelsea Handler Showing Off Her Bartending Skills at Springsteen’s Concert

chelsea handler

Chelsea Handler continues to steal the show with her upbeat personality and fun dealings. At Bruce Springsteen’s London concert, the American comedian, Chelsea Handler showed her bartending skills to her group. This act brought in a huge surge of excitement from the public and later, on social media. Her group consisted of famous stars like Katy Parry, Orlando Bloom, Judd Apatow, and Leslie Mann who were witnesses to her skills on that day. Chelsea Handler also revealed the great experience she had working as a mixologist at Bruce Springsteen’s concert.

Chelsea Handler’s Coverage Of Her Experience At The Concert In Hyde Park

Chelsea Handler further made a post covering the entire event as well as a picture of creating an alcoholic drink with tequila. A video of her dancing behind the bar and ending with the camera closing on a cup with the notes “ Tips for Chelsea” brought in huge excitement across the entire internet. The rainy weather of the concert day could not bring her spirits down.

Chelsea Handler further posted several pictures with her friends with adorable captions to each of those. She had also made a post of their drenched conditions and high spirits. Many celebrities apart from her followers had made delightful comments to her posts and praised how beautiful she looked when she attended the event.

Handler also posted funny posts with regard to Katy Parry and joked about the crazy acts each of them pulled off at the concert. Chelsea Handler further posted pictures with acclaimed British actress Emma Thompson and revealed the excitement of their meeting in her captions. Furthermore, she shared a picture of Bruce Springsteen and revealed the incredible energy that surrounded her in the marvelous concert. It was a highly eventful day at the concert in Hyde Park with the celeb visits the previous Saturday.