Chelsea Handler May Make A Comeback To Late Night Show

chelsea handler

In a Wednesday interview, Chelsea Handler stated that there is a crisis of women’s representation at the late-night show and she is quite ready to take up a job like this. The interview was hosted by Entertainment Tonight and a question was thrown at her if she would like to return to a talk show like she was a part of earlier.

In reply to this, the former host of Chelsea Lately said that she has been going in a direction like that itself. She goes on to say that what she misses the most is a female point of view and appearance in a late-night show.

Chelsea Handler A Feminist

She shares her view that a group of males is talking in support of women but it is never the same as getting a direct perspective of the one being spoken about. She says that taking up a late-night show is something she would like to take up as she has been a part of earlier as well. 

Further in the interview, Chelsea Handler shares how eager she is to be a part of The Daily Show as a guest host. She would be joining the show after 6th February with the announcement of Trevor Noah’s departure. She added how she loves the idea of being a part of this satirical and political show. She is excited and has an idea that everything can be made fun of in the show. 

Chelsea Handler rose to fame after her appearance as a stand-up comedian in the series titled Girls Behaving Badly. After this, in 2006 she launched her own series titled The Chelsea Handler Show. However, she gained maximum fame as a host of Chelsea Lately.