Cherie Chan Says She Misses Anna Shay

Cherie Chan

Two weeks after Anna Shay’s unexpected passing, Cherie Chan and her husband Jessey Lee paid tribute to their late co-star.

In an interview with PEOPLE, the reality show’s cast members discussed Shay, 62, who passed away on June 5 after suffering a stroke. In an expression of sympathy for the bereaved, Chan said she had given Maria Lainez, Shay’s best friend, “whatever she needs.” Chan, 46, told the publication at the A Night of Hollywood Glamour event last week, “I’m here to help her.

Cherie Chan Loved Anna Shay

Lee mentioned Shay’s “kindness,” while Chan remarked on her enduring “big heart.” “She was incredibly important to us. She and Maria were the first to get in touch with us after the second season aired to check on us, she claimed. My child adores her. To us, she was everything.  

Cherie Chan continued, “I feel like Anna and Maria give me really amazing motherly counsel when I’m with them.

And I simply miss her a great deal. I’m in shock by the news. And I just pray that she is currently in heaven with my mother. They must be close pals or something, I hope. Chan posted a touching video of Shay and her six-year-old daughter Jadore bonding while filming on Instagram around the time of the actress’s passing to pay respect to the celebrity. The brief video catches the moment Shay decorates Jadore’s head with a necklace and exclaims, “Oh my God you look so lovely! This is fantastic.

“@annashay93 all of my heart. No words come to mind. If only everyone could see how stunning you are. Why does God remove our greatest individuals? Chan wrote the post’s caption.

In her second photo, Chan referred to Shay’s “monthly Jadore playdates” in her caption. “Those who have had the privilege of knowing you are truly blessed,” wrote Cherie Chan.