Chilli Is Enamored By Her “Wonderful” Relationship With Mathew Lawrence


Chilli waxed lyrical about her “wonderful” relationship with beau Matthew Lawrence this week at Variety’s luncheon, saying that he was not a slob. The singer, Rozonda Thomas (actual name), said at the occasion, that it was true and that she was with Mathew because she wanted to and that they were simply really delighted. She further added that she was fine with not expecting to go through what she has been going through at the moment.

The “Waterfalls” singer continued by saying she never felt the necessity to be a part of a committed relationship. Chilli further said that she feels her present relationship is so unique that it has altered her views of the same.  She has not confirmed whether or not the couple planned to get married. She laughed, adding, “We’re still at the starting phases, so we’ll see.” Although it’s unknown when they started dating, they were certainly seriously attached by late 2017 when they celebrated Christmas and Thanksgiving with Chilli’s family.

Chilli And Her Boyfriend On Their Beautiful Chemistry

It had previously been revealed by Lawrence that perhaps the pair had been close friends for some time before falling in love while traveling together. He recalled how while they were traveling together on an aircraft, they mutually decided to stay in touch. 

The “Boy Meets World” star also repeatedly mentioned their unique chemistry. Adding further about how glad he was to have received the chance of interacting with a woman as wonderful as Chilli and he feels as if his life is blossoming right now simply because of her. 

Cheryl Burke, a professional on “Dancing With the Stars,” and Lawrence were previously married. Just three years after their nuptials, in February last year, Cheryl filed paperwork to dissolve their marriage. There were no kids shared by the ex-couples. She later responded to Mathew moving forward with Chilli, by commenting on her Insta, “That was quick,” where she appeared to be disparaging her ex’s new relationship