Martha Stewart Spends Time With A “Lovely Pair” Chase Wonders and Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson & Sui Wonders
Pete Davidson & Sui Wonders

Martha Stewart has given Chase Wonders her seal of approval. Over the Easter holiday, Pete Davidson with his girlfriend traveled to Stewart’s New York estate. She posted a picture with them along with a message saying that the two were outside looking around the wonderful Bedford town. After which she took them on a tour of their farm and the winter home where preparations for Easter were being made. 

Stewart finally conceded that Pete Davidson and Chace were a “really attractive pair!” despite the fact that she previously gained notoriety for declaring she would love to date the ex-“SNL” Lothario. In January 2022, while going to supper with some pals, Stewart first shared a photo of herself with the ‘cute’ Pete Davidson. A picture of her holding Davidson’s hand later spurred online rumors about the two perhaps starting a romance while Davidson was going through a separation from Kim Kardashian.

Pete Davidson’s Cute Relationship With Chase Wonders 

The entrepreneur later described Pete Davidson as like the son she did not have and that he had an extremely charming appearance. When Stewart informed Drew Barrymore about how Davidson was nice and that she would not mind going on a proper date with Pete in October 2022, her remarks about the comedian went viral once more. Stewart said to the host of a talk show, that he was a terrific man and understands people very well. 

When dating reports about Davidson and Chase initially surfaced in December last year, Davidson’s representatives initially attempted to downplay any relationship between the two. Yet last month, insiders tell us that the relationship is “becoming serious.” Towards the beginning of this year, on a protracted trip to Hawaii, Wonders, and Pete Davidson were often seen piling on some cute mushy moments of PDA. He justified his past relationships in March, stating that dating 12 individuals in ten years wasn’t all that “wild.”