China Uses Social Media Platform To Spread Unique News About The War


The media that is controlled by the state of China are posting huge content on their social media regarding all the unique information about Ukraine and Russia. This news is being circulated everywhere, especially in the western parts where some analysts stated that people don’t focus on the news sources as much they do on the news. 

China Is Sharing Their Unique View On The War 

The China Daily newspaper that is printed in English language, Xinhua News Agency, and CGTN are sharing the take of Beijing on the war situation between the two countries and are posting it on Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, CGTN has its own account on Facebook to reach the audience in Europe and America. 

The posts are all related to the war that has been going on for a month now. It is known for a fact that China is an ally of Russia, however, they are denying that fact every day and are trying to prove their neutrality in this war through various claims. The Chinese even gave a statement that peace must be restored in both countries through dialogue. 

There was news that was posted with hashtags #UkraineConflict or #Ukraine. The ambassador of China in America reacted to the information about the fact that China is supplying military help to Russia and said that this news is misinformation. In the views of Danny Levinson, the expert in cybersecurity, the outreach of China’s capital will be paid off finally. 

He also added that one thing which is repeated numerous times, becomes a fact to the people and this tactic is used by the Chinese very skillfully. In a news post by CGTN, the Chinese ambassador, Qin Gang, advocated a diplomatic statement by saying that condemnation of Russia cannot solve the war at this stage. 

A complaint was posted on Facebook by Xinhua who stated the Western news reports as double-standard and hypocritical and also called them racist.