Kendall Jenner Showed Her Face With Excessively Big Lips

kendall jenner
kendall jenner

There has been some social media buzz that Kendall Jenner has changed her lips which seemed to be much bigger in a video that she posted on Instagram this Monday. The supermodel, Kendall Jenner is 26 years old and was seen making a video sitting in front of her car and she made some cute faces for her fans. 

Rumors About Kendall Jenner Using Fillers For Her Lips

Though most people believe that it’s a makeup trick where she has overlined her lip borders to look fuller, still some people think that she has done enhancements. Not only the rising gas price in the U.S. is in the news but also the lips of Kendall Jenner. 

As per a user on Twitter, a joke was posted that the entire Los Angeles territory consisting of all the cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists has run of out fillers. Another user commented that Kendall Jenner resembles a character in a cartoon. Others commented that the lips were looking very bad and the lipliner as presumed is not doing a good job. 

Kendall Jenner just like other Kardashians has always been quiet about all the plastic surgeries that they go through to look perfect. An observer commented that the general public never understands the need for plastic surgeries and stated that she looks like the butt of a female baboon when they are ready to reproduce. 

Another user sarcastically commented that Jenner just contoured her lips just like all the other Kardashians have contoured their nose, breasts, eyes, abs, lips, hands, and even men. The majority of the users in social media are criticizing Kendall Jenner for her lips, however, some stated that she looked great. 

Jenner faced a similar situation in 2017 where fans all over the world accused her of going through a full reconstruction of her face which she obviously denied.