Chris Brown Gets Sour After Losing Against Robert Glasper

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Chris Brown announced to the world that he went out to pianist Robert Glasper apologizing for his recent outburst on Instagram after the Grammy’s.

Chris Brown Goes Off The Rails Again After His Loss On Grammys 

The adorned music producer and pianist won his recent Grammy Award on the account of Best Album in R&B for his ‘Black Radio III’ this weekend on Sunday. Chris Brown didn’t gulp down the news quite nicely as soon his Instagram stories were filled out with a classy meltdown throwing out several slides of temper. 

On return to the incident after the following incident, the 33-year-old ‘Indigo’ creator posted screenshots of his direct message to Glasper that he sent out explaining his recent activities. The note started off with a seemingly awkward “congratulations brother” saying that he’s remorseful of his recent reaction to the Grammy’s and took accountability for being mean and rude towards the artist.

Chris Brown continued off by saying after doing some research he actually thought of him to be pretty ‘sic’ in other words amazing. The singer was quick to redirect his anger towards the Academy, accepting that Glasper was never his intended target. The top Billboard artist concluded his message by stating that from one black brother to another, he wishes for him to feed off his family for life and hopes for god to bless the man. 

The screenshot was paired atop with a series of emojis, the text ceases to be seen yet. Social media has been bashing Chris Brown for his recent acts and ignorance towards his own category of artist. The outrage is caused by his being ridiculed at Glasper’s accolades asking more than twice ‘WHO THE **** IS THIS?’ to his fellow followers.

The responses were heated up as critics tweeted comments like- how such an abusive person is still getting nominated is beyond them. Some even appraised the classically acclaimed pianist Robert Glasper that an artist who has had a spotless career beats another fellow nominee who shouldn’t be there in the first place.