Tom Girardi Looking Flimsy As The Court Ordered Mental Competency

Tom Girardi

Recently prosecuted 83-year-old Tom Girardi was found presenting for his initial appearance at the federal court of Los Angeles, where the frail-looking former attorney was subjected to undergo evaluation on mental competency, reported exclusively by Page Six.

Former Attorney Tom Girardi Proven Not-guilty Due To His Unstable State

The procedure of initial appearances usually entailed a bond hearing followed by the defendant’s arraignment. Anyhow, 15 minutes into the convocation, Judge Karen L. Stevenson, representing the Magistrate of United States, accused Tom Girardi of being not guilty; the disbarred attorney was previously proven unstable in March of 2021 due to his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and dementia. The judge has also henceforth sealed all documents related to his history of mental health.

Robert Girardi, brother to Tom Girardi who’s now the following conservator will be presented with the custody over to him. The custody comes along with an understanding of a bond set by Judge Stevenson for the former senior attorney which will be amounting up to $250,000.

The judge’s proceeding hereby says that Tom Girardi who’s as of now residing at the senior facility of Orange County, Calif. wouldn’t be asked to wear any electronic monitoring devices but is forbidden from leaving Central District County of California. The court has asked Tom to overturn all of his travel documents along with passports and related assortments.

Additionally, it’s been stated that he would not be in contact with anywho of the alleged witnesses or victims related to the case. Robert who represented as the attendee of the jury hearing agreed to the proceeding and was asked to sign off the agreement bond. 

Tom Girardi throughout the hearing seemed disarrayed wearing a buttoned-down shirt with a plum sweater paired with black colored slacks, shoes, and a mask.  He remained silent the whole time whilst occasionally scratching off his head and leaning back on his chair.