Daughter To Kate Gosselin Mady Slams The Haters For Being Unkind

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin and Jon’s shared daughter Madelyn slammed the internet trolls that are coming onto her family and peers by demanding them to be more mindful of their words.

The 22-year-old reality star recently posted a video on her tiktok account this weekend addressing the bullying she and her family has been facing in the highlight of the recent events. Mady Gosselin starts by saying this would be the only singular time that she’s going to discourse the issue as it’s sending her over to the edge now.

Kate Gosselin’s Daughter Shushes The Bullies Down That Are Targeting Her And Her Siblings

The ‘Kate Plus 8’ alumni state that the rhetoric speech in her many comments regarding her childhood trauma or healing that targets her family and personal life shouldn’t be of anyone’s business but hers. The star added that whatever her parents are dealing with behind their closed doors is none of people’s business until and unless they ask them to be. 

Kate Gosselin’s daughter further addresses the matter by perpetuating the narratives that claiming her siblings and her to be ‘crazy child stars’ or ‘damaged’ could be proven extremely harmful for them as they work towards their future lives. She added that there is a misconception of public consensus thinking that being under the public eye gives people authority over their lives which in no matter true, certain rumors haven’t faded about her siblings and she deems them to be ‘doing well’ despite the current situations.

Mady continues to describe her siblings by stating that they’re kind and driven students, who work hard and are funny and stylish. She further warns the audience that they’re in no way entitled to know about the whereabouts of Jon and Kate Gosseling’s family.