Chris Hemsworth’s Marriage Is Full Of Adventure

chris hemsworth

He often shares how grateful he is for his wife. Chris Hemsworth got married to Elsa Pataky in 2010. They have three children, one daughter India, the eldest, and two twin sons aged 9 years. They are always considered to have a good and quality time. They both are keen on adventures. In Spite of three children at home, they never failed to prioritize their own space. He has been here with all the success that it wasn’t for her. She has sacrificed more than he could have done. She is a working mother yet never fails to put her children and husband first.

Chris Hemsworth Addresses Wife As Comforter

He got married to Elsa Pataky when his career was taking off. More massive projects were coming. Chris Hemsworth got married to Elsa when they didn’t know each other well enough. With everyday growth in their relationship, they brought their daughter into the world. She is an 11-year-old woman now. He further mentioned how things could have been difficult for him if Elsa weren’t there.

She managed to keep herself totally committed to her mom’s duty. They got to know each other halfway through their relationship. Chris Hemsworth mentioned he and her wife got to know each well enough probably five to six years ago. Things were difficult with kids. However, by the time all of them got out of their nappies, things seemed a little more bearable.

Years ago when Chris Hemsworth was invited to Jimmy Fallon’s show, he talked about his son. In his words the way he described them as monkeys.  He even years ago posted a video on his Twitter showing how one of the sons climbed the fridge for treats. The couple are still madly in love with each other. Chris couldn’t stop gushing about his wife.