Dominique Fishback Recalls A Horrific Moment From The Transformer Shoot

dominique fishback

The American actress has been in many top projects in Hollywood. She has shot Jamie Foxx. Dominique Fishback often tries to do stunts by herself. As much the production allowed her. The Transformer Rise of the Beast coming on 9th June in theatres. There were many stunts involved. She did most of the stunts. How close she was to a dangerous accident during the filming. It was inside a cave where he slipped. She fell on her back. Things could have gone worse. 

Is Dominique Fishback Blaming The Director For Lack Of Responsibility?

The director Steven Caple Jr. didn’t check further before sending Dominique Fishback down the cave for a scene. He wanted to check how far the camera goes. He wanted to take her close angle. She was wearing a harness and a guy was holding it. In the shot as described by Dominique Fishback, Steven told her to get down without locking beneath. So that the camera could take a better angle of her.

While going down she missed a step and slipped. She fell on her back, avoiding a major injury. The guy who was holding the rope didn’t let it go, he made sure she was okay. Anthony Ramos was there with her, he checked if she was okay.

If the guy couldn’t get a good grip on the rope, things could have been worse. Even after all the injuries and all the hard work, they feel the scene they took under the cave was a good fit for the story. They didn’t put it there. The Transformer Rise of the Beast premiered in New York City. The story is based in New York, for Dominique Fishback it was coming home. She was known in the neighborhood. Her family and friends were there, this was a different feeling.