Daisy Kelliher’s Romantic Smooth Ride Turned Into Bumpy Ride

daisy kelliher

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Daisy Kelliher was hopeful and excited to begin her romantic ride with chief engineer Colin MacRae. She knew Gary King’s uneasiness and jealousy developing around their dating. She couldn’t imagine her past would come back, running to stab her in the back.

It did take a major toll on her. She was all teenager when she first made out with Colin. Before Gary King mentioned it, his relationship was beyond just an intimate kiss with Daisy. And he would be more than happy to disclose the truth.

Daisy Kelliher Was Not Innocent, Yet The Secret Might Drown With Her 

Colin MacRae was Gary King’s, first mate. Gary King told the crew he would keep his relationship with Daisy Kelliher secret before Colin entered the picture.

And in no way would Gary now break the bro code. What he had with Daisy Kelliher was more than just an intimate kiss. They hooked up often, even before Kelliher grew mutual feelings for Colin MacRae.

Kelliher was head over heels for Colin. Alas, not subconsciously. According to Colin MacRae, Daisy is still perhaps stuck with Gary. A grave mistake might cost Kelliher her dream relationship.

During the heated moment between her and Colin. She called out Gary’s name while she was in bed with Colin. It didn’t sit right with Colin.

It made things worse rather, he has started questioning his decision regarding Daisy Kelliher. He now doubts what might have happened.

Colin MacRae later mentioned it was a bad blow to his ego. He has never made such a mistake, even after being a man. Daisy Kelliher might have been thinking about Gary all along when they were fooling around. It’s extremely disrespectful.