Jack Kirby Left Unseen

jack kirby

Stan Lee is considered to be the god of the Marvel universe. His movie was titled Stan Lee, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Neal Kirby is fighting for the right honorary place of his Father, Jack Kirby. Not only Neal Kirby, who thinks Stan Lee and the production is outshining Kirby.

Kirby has always been neglected because of Stan Lee. However, Kirby has always been the head and Lee the face. The head won’t come first, no matter what. Neal Kirby started a fight through his daughter’s Twitter account after the premiere.

Jack Kirby Made Stan Lee

Stan Lee has been the voice of Marvel comics. Yet many people tend to forget the contribution of Jack Kirby. Stan Lee couldn’t have been Stan Lee if it wasn’t for Kirby. He was the reason Stan Lee became who he is today.

And his film documentary is his life and narrative work. It was indeed shocking for Neal Kirby to witness such misconduct. As a son, he immediately knew they would make a subtle presence of Jack Kirby, for Stan Lee looked like a deity.

Kirby created the fantastic four. Yet Stan Lee’s name is beside him in the name of co-creation. In the documentary, they also mentioned Stan Lee’s biggest rival, Steve Ditko, who is precisely the creator of Spiderman, and who also got recognition in the story.

However, Neal Kirby has seen his father working hard to make Spiderman. It’s unbelievable to imagine how Marvel has confidently displaced someone like Kirby. Neal further mentioned in the tweet he is not a comic enthusiast or a historian. However, he is staying the fact he has seen how hard his father worked all his life. Jack Kirby died in 1994.