After A Decade Of Dating, Star Of “The Originals” Danielle Campbell Reveals Her Engagement To Actor Colin Woodell

Danielle Campbell

Colin Woodell and Danielle Campbell are developing their union further. The pair is prepared to say their vows after a decade of intermittent dating. On Monday, Colin Woodell and Danielle Campbell announced the wonderful news via social media, saying, “You and I,” next to a shared Instagram photo that included a collection of happy pictures. 

As he carried his future fiancée, Danielle Campbell into the air in one of the pictures, the actor from The Neighbor smirked. The lovely moment was set against a background of a green field surrounded by mountains. In a different upload, Campbell proudly displayed her new jewelry while the two smiled for a photo. 

Colin Woodell and Danielle Campbell Celebrate Engagement At The Onset Of A Prosperous Career

On the happy occasion, many people sent the longtime lovers their best wishes. Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin, and Riley Voelkel, Campbell’s former co-stars from The Originals, offered their opinions on their engagement session. More positive news for Colin comes after the announcement. The official teaser for Peacock’s forthcoming project was unveiled last week. This autumn, viewers will be able to watch the talented actor from San Francisco as he co-stars in The Continental: From the World of John Wick.

The series, a continuation of the series led by Keanu Reeves, will star him as a teenage Winston Scott fighting crime in the 1970s on NYC streets. In the trailer for the event that is set to premiere on 22nd Sept., the disco classic “Shining Star” is played over intricate combat sequences. In a summary of the planned prequel, Peacock stated that Winston goes around the deadly underworld of a mysterious resort where he would eventually take ownership. Danielle Campbell and Colin Woodell occasionally appear on each other’s social media accounts, even though they don’t frequently discuss their relationship in public.