Youthful and Restless Celeb Eric Braeden Announces Cancer-Free Status: “I Am Loving Life”

Eric Braeden

Eric Braeden, a star of Young and the Restless, is free of cancer. On Sunday, the 82-year-old German actor who has played Victor Newman for more than 40 years announced this brilliant news through Facebook Live. Eric Braeden declared that he had been cancer free for more than three days. 

The TV actor, who revealed his condition to his followers for the first time in April, thanked them. He thanked all his fans for their good thoughts and their prayers, further adding that it meant a lot to him. Eric Braeden also added that every good thought aided his journey toward recovery since his last cystoscopy which was two days before declared himself cancer free. The seasoned actor continued by saying that just though there are no cancer cells in his bladder, it does not imply that the battle was over. 

German Actor Eric Braeden Wanted People To Be More Aware By Sharing His Struggle With Cancer

The Rat Patrol actor claims that he still was awaiting MRI results to see whether his cancer had spread beyond his bladder. He said that even if the findings are positive, he would still have to have numerous preventive injections. Eric Braeden expressed his happiness about being cancer-free by saying that it made him incredibly happy, adding further that getting old was great.

“Man, I adore life. Why not?” Eric Braeden questioned. “I’m a producer for the top program. It has held the top spot for about four decades. Why should I be upset? It would be outrageous. Braeden opened up to the media in May about his recent cancer diagnosis and the reasons for his decision to tell people. The actor said that he chose to be more open about his struggles to take the fear away from them while helping those going through the same struggles. He wanted people to be more aware of their bodies and health.