Maria Menounos Is Proud Of Her Body After Pancreatic Cancer Surgery

Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos is quite proud of how her body looks after her secret battle with pancreatic cancer. On Sunday, the former correspondent of E! News put up an Instagram selfie where she was rocking a bikini, and showing off the scars of her surgery which were visible on her stomach. The 44-year-old correspondent had previously informed PEOPLE that she had been in a private battle with stage 2 Pancreatic cancer. After she was diagnosed- all the way back in January- she went through a successful surgery that helped her remove a 3.9 cm tumor. 

Maria Menounos Shares Her Battle Against Cancer, And The Scars Along With It

Maria Menounos captioned the photo with a beautiful address, where she wrote that when she looked back on the surgery that took place earlier this year, she was grateful for the strength that she had been blessed with- that helped her get through the ordeal. She was also grateful to all the beautiful people who helped her deal with it.

Now, after having dealt with her cancer, she wanted to lather up her scars in sunscreen so that she could protect them. In her comment section, a lot of her fans called the celebrity an inspiration, as well as showered praise on her for sharing this beautiful journey. One user commented that her scars were now badges of honor and scars of a champion. 

Another fan of Maria Menounos commented that they were happy that she decided to share her story with her fans. Ever since she shared her cancer journey, Maria has been on a mission to help others get the answers to their health issues. Speaking to PEOPLE in February, she mentioned that people needed to know that there were places where they could diagnose cancer early- and it was important that they didn’t let fear govern their actions. She herself had a moment of weakness when she thought that she would die- but it was fine- for she caught it early enough.