Darius Jackson Calls Out His Girlfriend Keke Palmer

Darius Jackson

Darius Jackson, a fitness instructor at Inspire Fitness Studio, attended Usher’s show with her girlfriend Keke Palmer, the Nope actress, at the performer’s residency in Las Vegas. But after that, on Wednesday, he posted on Twitter about his resentment at his girlfriend’s wearing a tight-fitting black bodysuit under a transparent dress at that party to watch the performance.

He writes in the post that the present generation does not allow a man to let his wife and the mother to his children expose her body in public; as such exposure threatens one’s reputation. He also adds that he maintains a standard and moral belief, and his family and their conduct are his share of representation in society. 

Darius Jackson commented on a video of Keke dancing with the singer stating “It’s the outfit tho…you a mom”. In his post about Palmer’s attire, he got mixed responses from his fans. The actress hasn’t yet made any public comments to Darius Jackson’s Twitter post, however, she shared some of her photos in that outfit at the concert on Instagram on the same day. She writes in her post that she wishes she had more pictures of that day, but they couldn’t take more of it because they were running short of time. She lauded Usher and wrote a line about the picture that they all took with him.

Darius Jackson’s Relationship With KeKe Palmer And Their Announcement Of It In 2021

Palmer first revealed it in public during a show in November 2021. They are now parents to a baby boy of four months named Leodis “Leo” Andrellton. While opening up about their relationship to the audience back in 2021 Palmer said that it is difficult to keep it a secret because of the enormous amount of time they spend together, and it is their bonding that makes them happy; then why would they conceal a part of their life that is so precious to them.