Stimulus Check: IRS Notifies A Deadline For The Taxpayers To Collect 2019 Tax Refund In 14 Days

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The Internal Revenue Service releases a notice informing taxpayers who are yet to claim their tax refund from the government since 2019 to do it positively in 14 days. The authority announces the deadline for the due tax return to be July 17, 2023. They also state that 1.5 million people haven’t yet claimed their federal tax refunds which they deserve to be paid as stimulus checks. 

Stimulus Check: The Process And Terms & Conditions Of Giving Out The Tax Refund

The amount of Stimulus Check will differ from one qualifying candidate to another based on their household tax-paying status. It is a means of paying back even moderate to low-income workers, both part-time and full-time, as compensation for inflation that causes financial struggle in families. Some stipulations are to be fulfilled and adhered to by the candidates to qualify for the Stimulus Check, which is mentioned below:

To avail the benefit of the tax refund one must fall under a certain income range: Single people without children must have a monthly income which is less than $15,570, and single people with one child must not have a monthly salary of $41,094 or more than that.

The Revenue Agency also states that it could be done for individuals who have not yet filed their tax returns for 2020 and 2021. They mention how the applicants can obtain the required documents for a 2019 tax refund from their concerned employers or the bank authority, or they could also get an income transcript from the IRS government website to facilitate the process of Stimulus Check. 

IRS reckons that California and Texas have about 100,000 unclaimed taxpayers who are entitled to get the stimulus check. They have three years to claim the benefit after which the money will be handed over to the U.S. Treasury.