David Blaine Elaborates On Recent Incident

David Blaine

David Blaine is revealing the details of the scary incident that happened during his performance in Las Vegas Saturday night.

“It wasn’t as painful as people think,” he said. “Afterward, I went back on stage and did the show for two days straight with a bandage over it. But it was still bleeding and blistered…I had to keep holding ice to my hand for about an hour before each show so I could be ready [to perform]. After the second day of doing that, though, the swelling started going down and I was able to put on some gloves and take care of myself better. By the end of Vegas, my hand was good as new.”

David Blaine Reflects On Ice Pick Stabbing

Despite his quick recovery from what could have been a serious injury—and one that would likely have ended his career—Blaine admits he doesn’t know what caused him to slip up during such a seemingly routine trick. He says he’d practiced it successfully at least 50 times prior to trying it onstage at The Linq Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, but something happened when he attempted it live in front of thousands: “I’ve done this trick hundreds of times without any problems,” he told People magazine after returning home following his stint at The Linq.”

The bullet catch trick is a classic magic trick. It has been performed by many magicians and it’s considered to be one of the riskiest tricks. The magician catches a bullet in his hand, which usually has some kind of protective covering on it. In order to do this trick, they need to be very quick in order to grab the bullet before it hits them in the head or chest.

Blaine had just performed the bullet catch trick during his show at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino — where eight bullets were fired at him using a machine gun. He was able to catch two bullets but missed three others because he wasn’t able to react fast enough due to an error with his body brace that holds up his left arm (which he uses for balance).