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Friday, January 27, 2023

Dean McDermott’s Son Defends His Relationship With Tori Spelling

Jack McDermott, Dean McDermott’s oldest son, broke his silence in response to recent criticism of his father and stepmother by Mary Jo Eustace.

Jack, 24, stated on Monday, December 5 on Instagram: “Since my parents’ divorce in 2006, I have rarely spoken out since I preferred to stay out of it.” “Unfortunately, I am no longer able to remain silent because of my mother’s recent choice to distribute information about my Dad, my stepmother, and my siblings.

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The San Francisco State University alumnus clarified that Dean McDermott, 56, decided to leave his “Ex’s & Uh-Ohs” podcast, which he emceed with Eustace, 60 after she allegedly disparaged the Open Range actor and his wife, 49. Dean and Eustace were both cohosts of the podcast.

Dean McDermott Has His Son’s Support

He left the podcast, according to Jack, because of disparaging remarks made about our family and persistent attempts to discredit him. He also decided to depart because the show’s producer broke his trust by revealing personal information. The young guy defended his father, claiming that during the previous 17 years, Dean McDermott had “apologized for his mistakes.” He has changed a lot as a person. Our two families were coexisting well up until a week ago, Jack continued. “With this podcast, has divided our two families and caused a rift that I am unable to bridge. Unfortunately, I doubt it can be.” 

Before addressing Eustace directly, the Californian requested that viewers of “Ex’s & Uh-Ohs” consider the details that his mother revealed, “with a grain of salt.”

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Jack’s remarks come less than a month after Dean McDermott and Spelling’s holiday card was revealed by Spelling, who has been Dean’s wife since 2006. The festive photo shoot this year included Jack and all six of Dean’s children.

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