Simu Liu And Allison Hsu Officially Announce Their Relationship On Social Media

simu liu
simu liu

Simu Liu has now officially announced his new relationship on Instagram. The 33-year-old actor from Shang-Chi shared a sweet picture of Allison Hsu, his girlfriend, and himself at Los Angeles’ Violent Night Friday premiere on social media.

In the picture, Liu is seen beaming and holding Hsu close while donning a festive sweater with Yin-Yang patterns and martini glass. Hsu, in contrast, was dressed in a green Christmas sweater with a depiction of a snowy theme. She wore it with a grey skirt and black boots.

When Hsu shared a cuddly photo with Simu Liu in late November at a Blackpink concert, she had already made their relationship on Instagram officially. The couple was seen cuddling up to one another in the picture, with Liu wrapping his arm over her, both smiling towards the camera, as Hsu captioned it with a smiling face.

Simu Liu Moves On From Previous Relationship

Following sightings of the couple hanging out behind the scenes during a Jimmy Kimmel Live taping out on a date in June, they made their red carpet debut at the 2022 ESPYs in July. The pair strolled the red carpet together and appeared for pictures arm in arm at the ESPYs. They would later appear together and at Comic-Con and the August premiere of Bullet Train, where they were photographed taking goofy pictures of each other.

According to SFGate, Simu Liu revealed he was once again single in September at the tech conference Dreamforce. During a Q&A session at the conference, in a post on Instagram, he shared views regarding mental health and also hinted at a potential breakup with Jade Bender. When Liu was living his dream, he occasionally had the feeling that he wasn’t exactly where he had to be in terms of himself. Furthermore, he was fighting his way out through a separation. That’s definitely also a factor, but he said he’d be alright.