Simu Liu Is Thankful That Deloitte Fired Him 10 Years Ago

simu liu
simu liu

Simu Liu celebrated the 10th anniversary after being sacked from a job he hated. The Shang Chi star thanked his boss at Deloitte for firing him and turning his career on the track to success.

The trailblazing Marvel superhero of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has a marvelously original story that kick-started his acting profession. Simu Liu was thankful for the abrupt change and said he owed his life to being released from a profession he hated. He tweeted that accounting was not for him.

In his Instagram post, the alum of Kim’s Convenience revealed that he still celebrates April 12, the day he left Deloitte a decade ago.

Simu Liu Remembers The Humiliation Of Being Terminated Abruptly

He reminiscences that he was called to the office of the managing partner and informed that the firm was terminating him immediately. He was escorted out by security and the HR. he remembers the humiliation he faced as he went back to his floor. He says he grabbed his things as he held back tears and walked out, never to go back to that profession.

Simu Liu says that he thought his life had come to an end. He had wasted years of his life and the money his family spent on his education. But the decade since he left has been as Simu Liu describes it, ‘an incredible journey.’

The first four years he spent running around aimlessly, like a ‘headless chicken’ he says. He did odd jobs and ran up huge credit card debts as he struggled to get into the film industry. He would spend another 3 years trying to get into the Hollywood film industry and spent all the time using up what precious resources he had left. It is only in the last 3 years that Simu Liu managed to taste success.

Simu Liu believes that he has persevered enough and would have tasted success even if Kim’s Convenience and Shang-Chi had not come along.

Simu Liu also sent a note to the boss who fired him at the Toronto office of Deloitte, Paul Gibbon. He thanked him for destroying a career and a life that he had been building, but not for himself, and turning him on a path towards building his own.