Amber Heard’s Lawyer Charges Jonny Depp With Sexual Abuse

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

The toxic defamation court case between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp went deeper into their violent and vindictive relationship that turn the atmosphere more vitriolic as the jury heard fresh claims at the opening statements this Tuesday.

Heard’s lawyers alleged that Depp sexually abused her on multiple occasions. One of the attorneys representing the Aquaman star accused Depp of having used a liquor bottle to penetrate her during what she described as a hostage situation.

There have also been accusations of mutual abuse as Amber Heard was accused of initiating a situation to stop Depp from leaving as she feared abandonment. Dr. Lauren Anderson, a mutual counselor, described seeing photos of Heard sporting bruises.

Dr. Anderson said that Heard would strike out at Depp to escalate a situation and get into a fight to keep Depp at home rather than have him move away to de-escalate a situation.

Amber Heard Was Accused By Her Former Assistant Of Being Unhinged Under The Influence Of Drugs

Amber Heard’s ex-personal assistant, Kate James, testified that she felt she could spit in her face when she requested a raise. She also described her toxic link with Whitney, her sister.

James said that Heard also displayed manic tendencies as if she was on amphetamines. She said that Heard also turned abusive and belligerent frequently at would yell at her on the phone. She said that Heard was also sending out abusive messages frequently.

James said Amber Heard had also discussed taking psychedelic drugs, cocaine, and ecstasy, and was frequently seen using hard drugs.

James also alleged that Amber Heard had appropriated James’s own harrowing experience of being assaulted at machete point in Brazil. She used it as her own, James alleged.

Testimony by Depp and his team indicated that the actor partly blamed his relationship with Amber Heard for his dependency on drugs.