Demi Lovato, Pansexual Star, Says Body Compliments Are Not Always Great!

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato, a pop star, who identified as a pansexual, feels that complimenting someone on weight loss and his/her body is harmful and shouldn’t be done. Lovato added that while body compliments sometimes feel amazing, they also have the power to provoke the recipient to overthink the entire statement. 

Demi Lovato Explains Body Compliments And Their Harmful Effects In Instagram Story!

Last week, Demi Lovato came out and identified as “non-binary”. Lovato would be identified by using only pronouns like “they/them”. On Saturday, Lovato claimed that complimenting a person on his/her weight loss or body can appear to be as harmful and demeaning as complimenting that person on his/her weight gain. Lovato, now 28 years old, posted a story on Instagram in which Lovato wrote that if someone isn’t acquainted with the food history of a person, and is complimenting the body of that person, then that someone should refrain from comments like that.

Demi Lovato further added that even if the intention appears pure while commenting, it might leave a harmful effect on the person being complimented and might keep that person staying awake overthinking your statement at 2 am. Demi Lovato further wrote that sometimes it feels great, but just to the high eating disorder voice, that goes on inside the head, suggesting that people only like the thinner version of you. 

However, it also can be the other way round, the thoughts also whisper inside the head sometimes suggesting what people used to think of your body before? However, Demi Lovato finally concluded by giving a moral to the story. Lovato said that people are more than their shells that cover their souls, which are their bodies and they should remind themselves of that every day. That is why Demi Lovato is desperately asking people to always remind each other that they value theirs inside more than their outside.