A “Dog”-Named Woman Sleeps in a Crate and Eats Dog Food


Hell no, this is her day. Every dog has its day. You worry about when to eat when to go to bed, and how much fun it will be to run outside as soon as you wake up.

Every puppy thinks it’s perfect to wrap up in a cozy bed after getting treats for being a good pet. Nevertheless, the four-legged friend who’s living the high life is none other than streamer Meow Dalyn. Meow Dalyn, an American woman with pink hair, had a fascinating interview about her odd lifestyle with “The Kyle & Jackie O Show,” a popular Australian radio show. “My name is Meow, just like a cat, but I’m a dog,” she said to the curious hosts.

“Dog Girl” Boldly Displays Her Status And Adopts This Unusual Way Of Life

Dalyn, also known as “e-puppy,” passionately embraces her identity as a dog and dives straight into an unconventional lifestyle, especially when it comes to her nocturnal ritual while sporting a collar and fake dog ears. Talking about her nightly routine, Dalyn stated, “I have pastel blankets and pastel pillows in there,” alluding to the cage where she finds comfort and security each night. After considering whether being confined shields her from the outside world or the other way around, she decided that being confined is a comfort.

More than 15,000 people watch Dalyn on Twitch, where she plays fetch and chews on bones, among other related activities.